I’m Free. Are You? – Admonition 340

Aaron CozortAdmonition - Audio


Ephesians 6:5


And now Admonition. I’m free. How about you? As a Christian, I’m free. I am not a slave. I am not a bond servant. I am not encumbered or responsible to anyone to obey them over God. But as a Christian, I’m still a person and I still have a responsibility to live in this life in whatever place, position, or status I find myself. And as a Christian, I have a responsibility to serve those who are over me in a physical sense. So Paul writes to the church at Ephesus in Ephesians chapter six, verse five, Bond servants, be obedient to those who are your masters, according to the flesh with fear and trembling in sincerity of heart as to Christ. Oh, I’m free, but I’m still responsible to those in this flesh to be obedient to those who are over me as if I were obeying Christ Himself. For more from the Collierville church of Christ, visit Colliervillecoc.org. This is E T B N. Let the truth be told.

Details About Admonition

This episode is part of the daily devotional podcast: Admonition: Moving You Closer to God Every Day

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