It Is Hard To Be In Charge – Admonition 346

Aaron CozortAdmonition - Audio


Ephesians 6:9


And now Admonition. You know it’s hard sometimes. It’s hard sometimes to be in charge of others and not show partiality, to not show respect of persons, to not place one person over someone else, simply because you like them better. But that’s our responsibility, to live without partiality, to judge righteously. Paul writes to the church at Ephesus in Ephesians chapter six in verse nine, And you masters do the same things to them, giving up threatening, knowing that your own master also is in heaven, and there is no partiality with him. We are to be just and righteous and our judgment just and righteous because God in heaven is just and righteous. For more from the Collierville church of Christ, visit This is E T B N. Let the truth be told.

Details About Admonition

This episode is part of the daily devotional podcast: Admonition: Moving You Closer to God Every Day

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This devotional is a production of Collierville Christian Radio and the Collierville church of Christ.

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