What is your spiritual foundation? – Admonition 3

Aaron CozortAdmonition - Audio

  • Title: What is your spiritual foundation? – Admonition 3
  • Passage: 1 Corinthians 3:11
  • Summary: How should a husband love his wife? Ephesians, chapter five, says he ought to love her as he loves himself. We don’t hate ourselves, or at least we shouldn’t. We ought to love ourselves, but we ought to love those who are close to us, those who are our spouses, as much as we love ourselves. Christ did this for the church. He loved it so much, He died for it. Do you love your spouse as much as you love yourself? For more from the Collierville Church of Christ, visit www.colliervillecoc.org.
  • Host: Aaron Cozort
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