A “Christian Stew”

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I know that I said I would not be able to post regular thoughts for a few weeks, but allow me to give you a thought to savor today in the form of a parable.

The kingdom of Heaven can be likened unto a good stew. Its members come in all forms, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. Some are meats that help keep us strong; some are vegetables that help us grow; some are herbs and spices whose flavor in life keeps us enjoying and looking forward to every opportunity we have to taste it again. All of these are held together by the thick and wonderful broth that is the love, blood, and example of our Lord Jesus. Finally, there is a likeness between these two in one other way: like any good stew, there is always room for one more ingredient.

I pray you have a wonderful day, and spend some time savoring the spiritual stew that will keep us hearty and healthy to the saving of our souls.

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