Because He Lives, I Know Prophecies are True

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Coleman Avenue Church of Christ Lectureship

Byron Hatcher (Attended MSOP with Tony DeBerry)
Working at Cape Fear Church of Christ, Cape Fear, NC

There is no other book like the Bible. Prophecy is the strongest argument for the inspiration of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:15-16) — God breathed from the mind of God to the pen of man.

It is all for nothing if Jesus is still in the grave. If Jesus is still in the grave, then we should throw this tome away, It is the most prolific, most quoted, more printed book in human history.

OT in 8 Points

  1. Man was created and in the beginning, Sinned (Gen 3)
  2. Man multiplied and became wicked and God destroyed the entire world, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord (Gen 6)
  3. God chose Abram to bring salvation through His seed (Gen 12)
  4. 430 years later, at Mt. Sinai, God made a covenant with Moses and Israel (Exo 34:27)
  5. 40 years later, they entered the land of Palestine (Joshua 21:43) – And the Lord gave unto Israel ALL the land that He promised their fathers.
  6. God reigned through Judges, and then Israel rejected the rulership of God and demanded a king in the days of Samuel.
  7. 3 kings and then the kingdom was divided into North and South.
  8. The northern kingdom did not have any good Kings and would be taken into captivity of the Assyrians, and then the sourthern Kingdom, only having a few good kings, was taken away into Babylon.
  9. Ezra 9:8 – There would be remnant.
  10. 400 Years of Silence (no new revelation).

Prophecies of Christ (5 of 300+)

First prophecy of the Old Testament

God deals with the serpent first — not Man.

Seed. Seed as of 1, not many. The Seed of Woman would lay the crushing blow to the head of Satan.

Matthew 16:18

Second prophecy – Micah 5:2 – The place of Jesus Birth.

Hosea 11:1 – Out of Egypt

From Nazareth

Third – The Teaching Method of the Messiah.

In parables –

Isaiah 53 How Jesus was going to Die.

Isaiah 53:1-7

Pilate was so amazed at the silcence of Jesus, he asked, “do you not have a defense?”

Do you not know I have the power to take your life? (Pilate) — Yet, Christ had all authority (Matthew 28:18)

Not for His sins, but for my sins.

Isaiah 63:3-5 – All would forsake Him

“trodden the winepress alone… none was with me… none to help… none to uphold… my own arm…”

Thomas said, “Let us go and die with the Lord.”

Peter said, “I will never leave you”

Peter denied 3 times, Everyone forsook Him at his defense. But at his defense, no one stood with him.

He came to fulfill the Old Law.

If you enter a contract, take out a loan, sign on the line, when the contract has been paid (the loan paid off), the contract is fulfilled. Jesus came to fulfill the contract that is the Old Law. When he paid the last cent, the contract was fulfilled. Every bit was fulfilled – Matthew 5:17-18.

Isaiah 7:14

Matthew 1:18-25

The righteousness of Joseph — had not committed fornication, but also listened to the command of the angel.

Luke 4:16-21 – Jesus fulfilled even the most minute details

Isaiah 61:1

Joh 19:33-37 – Not a bone was broken — look on him whom they pierced.

Exodus 12 – Passover lamb – do not break the bones. They did not know why, but we do. The lamb was a prophecy.

Psa. 22:16-17; Zec. 12:10 – Looked up on him who was pierced. 1000 & 700 years before it happened.

None of this matters if Jesus stayed in the tomb.

Matthew 12:33

John 2:19

He is alive, and because he is risen, we have hope.

Romans 15:4

Hebrews 11:10

A city that wouldn’t move.

We can have that city because Jesus is risen.

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