Do You Work for Rest?

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There are many reasons people work in this world. Some work to obtain money, others work to put food on the table, while still others work to fulfill their ambitions or responsibilities. Though there are many different reasons to work, have you ever worked so that you could rest? Though the concept may seem funny, most of us have probably done so at various times. You work extra hard on one day so that you can have a day off another day. Most people understand this concept of work to obtain rest in the physical world, but do we carry that principle over into the spiritual realm?

Hebrews4:11states, “Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.” The rest being referenced is the ultimate rest of Heaven (Vs. 9-10). For us to enter into that rest requires labor (work). One does not need rest when no work has been done. It is the fulfilling of the labors of life that gives the need of rest. Likewise it is the labors of the commands of God that qualifies and prepares mankind for the rest that is made available to the righteous.

In chapters three and four, the writer is comparing the children of Israel, who came out of Egypt, to his Christian audience. The Israelites quit their responsibilities, rebelled against God, and refused to do what he commanded them. Because of this, they were not allowed entry into the promised land (Num.14:30; Heb.3:18).

The warning being issued is that we must ensure we do not become as the Israelites of Moses’ day. We must continue to work and strive to fulfill the law of God so that we might enter into the rest prepared for the righteous. A lazy person or a quitter will not receive that rest. Only one who fulfills his obligations of work on this earth in service to God will inherit that wonderful blessing. Are you working for that rest?

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