Having the Answer for Everything

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Have you ever met that individual who thinks they know everything? It does not matter the topic of discussion or the issue at hand they will always be the first one to insert their opinion and they have full confidence their opinion is the end of the matter. Although on some occasions one actually does seem to have such a wide knowledge base that they can speak authoritatively on many matters without stretching the bounds of reason, most individuals who present themselves thus are no more than blowhards who feel the need to have a say in everything.

Nevertheless, a question persists that encourages an answer: Is it possible to have the answer for everything? With such a question, I am not endeavoring to go into every field of academia to delve into the deepest mysteries of knowledge; but is it possible to have the answer for everything of importance in life? Is it possible for me to know the answer to every situation I face and every choice that must be made?

If the question requires me to rely upon my own knowledge and understanding, the answer will always be no. I do not have the capacity to know the answer to every situation or to comprehend the dynamics of response and repercussion for every decision. Relying on my own understanding it is impossible for me to have the answer for everything.

Thankfully, I do not have to rely solely upon my own intelligence and ingenuity. In order for me to have the answer, it is not required for me to be the origin of the answer. Therefore, I can turn to the full and final authority on everything: God. Peter wrote that God has given us, “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2 Pet. 1:3). This means that God has given us everything that is necessary to guide our physical lives (life) and our spiritual lives (godliness). We recognize that God’s thoughts and ways are far superior to our own (Isa. 55:8-9) and as such bear a level of authority that far surpasses our own abilities.

We need to recognize that, though we do not have the ability to create the answer to every problem, we have access to the knowledge that makes it possible to know the answer. Over the last year, I have been working diligently in my own mind to focus attention on allowing and using the Bible to answer the questions and difficulties that arise. This is not to say I did not consider Scripture previously, but oftentimes I would not formulate the answer around the statements of the Word. When my children ask me questions: whether it is why daddy goes to work every day, or why we say prayer before we eat; I try to answer first with Scripture, then with any additional explanation. When my wife and I are discussing decisions for our family, I try to make sure I am not just thinking about Scripture, but mentioning it in our conversations as well.

The difference this has brought about on a personal level has been highly noticeable. Decisions have been made easier, because I can readily answer with confidence what God wants out of the situation. Pressure and stress have been reduced because I know that I do not have to rely on myself and my abilities for things to work out successfully. Confidence has been gained, because I am not leaning on my own understanding but putting my trust in God (Pro. 3:5). It has changed the way I interact with my family, it has changed the way I approach the questions of my brethren, and it has changed the way I think, on a daily basis, about the Bible. Though I have not been perfect in applying this, I have found that the times where I have made mistakes are the occasions where I failed to follow this procedure.

It is possible to have the answers to every situation, but only if we do not rely on our own wisdom. It does not mean that all of the answers will be simple, nor does it imply that every answer will be the one for which we were looking. Nevertheless, the answer is there; it is available for all who will seek it.

Have you ever tried letting God answer the questions instead of you? If you do, you will find the answers are much simpler than you thought; you will also find that the decisions you make will be far better and more beneficial to your life, because you have allowed the ultimate Guide to direct your path (Pro. 3:6); you will also find yourself spending more time in God’s Word so that you can have the answers you are needing.

Do you have the answer for everything?

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