Poem: A Life Without Fear

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I do not fear the things of this life,

What could possibly happen with my kids and my wife.

My strength and confidence rests in the Lord,

And in all of the blessings his protections afford.


“God has not given us the spirit of fear,”

Wrote Paul to Timothy when his end was near.

But rather, of strength, love, and self-control,

To be able to handle all this life will hold.


Therefore, it is wasteful to worry and fear,

When instead we should thankfully know God is near.

He watches over the flowers and doves,

How much more does He care for the people He loves?


Man without God is always afraid

Of what disaster is coming and what cost must be paid.

The servant of God remembers His command

To put our faith and trust in His loving hand.


As I live each day of this turbulent life,

Striving to lead my children and wife,

To serve the Lord with each passing day

And ever have faith He will lead the way.


I do not fear the troubles this life often brings,

Of physical struggles and temporal things.

I instead resolve fully to live every day,

Obeying and trusting, never ceasing to pray.


My friend, please remember this life is not the end,

It is only the means to see around the next bend.

Therefore, to spend life in fear and dismay

Will leave us short-sighted and we’ll fall from the way.


But with the strength and courage our Lord provides

We can endure anything without breaking stride.

With our eye on the mark and our feet on the course

We can live without fear and acknowledge the Source.

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