Poem: Battling the Foe

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As the army continued to battle the foe, preparations were made for it was our time to go.
We put on our helmets, wore shields with great pride; and with swords in our hands we stood side by side.
This battle had been going on for some time, but we stood unconcerned, for it was our time.

As we entered the battle to face his fierce troops, I saw that the arrows of our enemies were loosed.
Then I looked over and to my great surprise, I saw a good friend fall with glazed over eyes.
He had not often polished his shield and when it was needed it failed in the field.

Then I saw another man turn tail and run, the battle was growing and he said he was done.
But just as he fled and ran from the fight, more arrows came at him from the left and the right.
They felled him quickly for as he made tracks, he failed to realize there is no armor for our backs.

Then on the other side someone fell to the rear, and started backstabbing our own men who were near.
He had made an agreement to fight with the foe, and sought to cause our side all kinds of woe.
We were forced to remove him and turn him aside, for we could not win the battle if we let him abide.

But those that remained pressed on in the fight; not turning our path to the left or the right.
We kept our focus on our king at the fore, who was ever encouraging and made our spirits soar.
We pressed on with the battle and prevailed o’er the foe, for the enemy could not stand before this army’s blows.

Dear friends understand there’s a battle being waged; it’s not just in books as you turn the page.
There is a constant battle between wrong and right, it’s constantly fought: both day and night.
The battle is not physical as some try to claim, it’s a spiritual fight and it isn’t a game.

As we strive to fight on the side of the Lord, we must always remember to carry his word.
Some will become fearful and run from the fight, but you never survive when you turn and take flight.
Others will fall from their own lack of skill; for instead of preparing, their time they did kill.
There will be others who will turn on their brother, having been snared by the wiles of another.
But in spite of the tempest, in the midst of the strife, do not turn aside nor give up your life.
Instead, keep your eyes on your Lord and king; for when the battle is won his praises you’ll sing.

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