Poem: Breaking the Water Line

Adam CozortGeneralLeave a Comment

As I went down into the water one day I was bearing the bruises of life.
I’d been trying for years to find my own way and often it led only to strife.
I was at the end of my rope,
Without any hope,
With a life that I could not rewind.

As I went down into the water one day I knew I would not be the same.
For from that moment on a new day had dawned and I’d carry with me a new name.
I was looking ahead,
For all that I’d read,
And amazed at the peace I could find.

As I went down into the water one day its drops were soon joined by mine.
I could not restrain the emotions that came when breaking the water line.
My immersion complete,
I left on my feet,
With many a weight left behind.

As I came up out of the water that day my life changed in every respect.
I no longer cared to find my own way; it was his path I would not neglect.
My transformation complete,
This new man is meet,
And walking with renewal of mind.

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