Poem: Three Men and a King

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I watched as three men were brought before a king, who ruled over lands great and strong.

They were there because he had given orders of men, and these three did not play along.

The king had built a great image of gold; it seemed that it reached to the sky.

But when the time came and the instruments rang, to bow these three did not comply.


I watched as three men stood before a great king, with power and strength to behold.

He commanded they bow, and to his will cow, if they wished to ever grow old.

But they remained upright, claiming without fright, “God can save us from this evil plight.

Yet if he should choose not to save us from you, we still will not worship this sight!”


I watched as three men were removed from the king, who in fury demanded their end;

In a furnace of fire, it was his desire, to watch these men into ashes descend.

They were brought to a blaze seven times higher, than the normal settings were placed;

It was so hot inside their guards lost their lives, delivering them to where that fire blazed.


I watched as three men were met by the King, in the midst of that fiery blaze;

And the king having ordered those three to die could do naught but stand there and gaze;

For where he expected to see three men dying, instead his wide eyes beheld,

A fourth at their core, like a man out of lore, and not one of the other three felled.


I watched as three men were brought out once again, to stand before that mortal leader.

The king then proclaimed to all under his name that the God of these three was greater.

As I think on that day, of the faith of those men, and how God in Heaven responded,

There should not be occasion, as I serve on this station, for my soul to be despondent.


You can read the account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3:1-30


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