The Christian’s Daily Prayer List

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Most congregations have as a part of their bulletins a prayer list; a list of people requesting the prayers of the church for different ailments or problems in their lives. These are valuable tools to help the Christian to remember those for whom they need to pray. That being said, I believe there is a larger prayer list that the Christian needs to consider.

As one studies the Bible, there are many different prayers and occasions for prayer described. Consideration should be given to the many different types of prayers and the many different things about which Christians need to go to God consistently.

It is unfortunate that many Christians only seem to find time for prayer before a meal and in times of direct need, but such limited confines should not constrict the prayer life of the Christian. Consider a daily checklist of things for which we should pray to God continuously.

3 things with which we must pray:

Pray with reverence – showing God the respect due the our Father and the honor due our Protector.

Pray with thanksgiving – showing recognition of the blessings bestowed and the love and mercy extended.

Pray with confidence and boldness – understanding that as a child of God your prayers will not be ignored or considered unimportant before our Father.

Things for which we should pray:

Family needs:

for one’s spouse

for one’s children

for our daily bread

for right decisions and directions

Personal needs:

for strength

for courage

for patience

for one’s enemies

for growth in knowledge and action

for forgiveness of sins by repentance

for help

for health

Spiritual needs:

for unity in the Lord’s church

for preachers and teachers

for elders

for growth in all facets of the church’s work

for boldness and open doors

for the erring to return to the way of truth

Societal needs:

for government to be wise and righteous

for the lost to obey the Gospel

for righteous influence to spread the Gospel

The Christian should be praying for each of these things on a daily basis. Someone might contend that doing so would require a great deal of time; such it would and should. As Christians it should be considered a privilege, not a chore, to be able to go to God about anything and everything each day. It should be something on which we are focused in life, not simply reminded to do in times of trouble.

If we take the time each day to pray for all of these things at various times according to their various needs our lives will be more focused on God and his will, our blessings will become more apparent, our relationship with God will grow, and our peace in this life will expand exponentially.

May we always be those that, “pray without ceasing” (1 The. 5:17).

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