The Milk and the Meat

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I had intended to write a detailed article on one particular passage of Scripture for today, but got side-tracked in two different studies that equally fascinated and intrigued me into losing most of my morning. However, that occurrence brought to light my thought for the day that I hope you will consider.

Have you ever looked back upon your knowledge of the Scriptures in times past (or what you thought you knew about the Bible) and marveled at how you ever could have thought that way about a text? If we are learning and growing as we should that will be a common reaction. We all start, as described in Hebrews 5:13, as those who can only take in the milk of the Word: the basic concepts and principles of understanding that are the fundamentals of God’s Word. The deeper things elude us because we do not sufficiently comprehend the basics of Scripture as we should.

However, as time goes on, if we are growing as we should, we get to the point where the basics are not enough for us. We understand the basic principles, and now we can take those things and transfer our inquiries into the deeper studies of God’s Word. These studies are akin to having finished the work of opening the mouth and shaft of a mine and finally getting to mine the gold out of that mine. These deeper studies are described in Hebrews 5:14 as “strong meat” that is only able to be truly understood by those who have grasped the milk of the word and by use of it can discern between good and evil.

Once we begin seeking those depths of God’s Word an ever expanding world of understanding opens up to us. It is fascinating, engrossing, and awe-inspiring; and every discovery whets the appetite for the next.

As time goes by, it is not that beliefs change (for they have already been firmly rooted by the milk of the word: the understanding of good and evil and basic principles of truth), but the understanding of the Word of God, the context of Scripture, and the emphasis of words and passages with the Bible enlighten our understanding and broaden our horizons to the point that we look back on what we thought we knew about a word or Scripture and wonder at how we ever could have stopped at that level of understanding.

Are you growing in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word? Do you approach it like a newborn baby desires a mother’s milk (1 Pet. 2:2): all the time with an ever increasing desire to learn more? We should, because when mining the truths of God’s Word there is no end; no point at which all of the gold has been removed and there is nothing left to gain; no time when we will have acquired all God has to offer us.

Let us have the attitude that fulfills God’s expectations of us: “Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ (the milk of the word – abc), let us go on unto perfection (the meat of the word – abc)” (Heb. 6:1). If we do not understand the basics of truth, the deeper things will be unattainable; but if we take the time to understand the milk (as God gave it, not as man declares it), we will be able to spend the rest of our lives savoring the meat. God bless you as you work to understand the wonderful depths of his amazing Word.

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