The World’s Greatest Multi-Tool.

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Paul talks about the necessity of taking up, “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Eph. 6:17). While many people see a saber or a broadsword when they consider the term “sword,” the ancient Greek word meant “a short sword” or a dagger. It was a sword of many uses. If we were to utilize this idea in the terminology of today, it would be quite accurate to describe the Scriptures as, not a sword, but a swiss army knife. It carries many functions and purposes and is always handy when a need arises.

It is amazing to see to what degree this very simple statement is so easily applied to the entire scope of humanity. Consider some of the uses of this amazing multi-tool.

– To those in darkness – it is the greatest light.
– To those in pain – it is the greatest healer.
– To those who are struggling – it is the greatest hand up out of the pit.
– To those who are searching – it is the greatest treasure.
– To those who are weak – it is the greatest strength.
– To those who have to deal with lies – it is the greatest truth.
– To the rich – it fills a void no money can buy.
– To the poor – it bestows riches beyond measure.
– To the scholar – its mastery takes a lifetime.
– To the simple – its understanding is easily grasped.
– To the skeptic – it gives evidence and proof far beyond what is “necessary” to declare its truth.
– To the believer – it gives a continuous wealth of information that strengthens, encourages, and solidifies with each passing day.
– To the physician – its knowledge of the functions of the body shows an understanding only the Creator could hold.
– To the engineer – its incorporation of the appropriate standards affirms mastery of techniques both ancient and modern.
– To the farmer – its myriad references and utilization of the principles of soil, seed, fruit, and harvest are easily understood and applied, verifying the appreciation of the Master for one of the most necessary of all trades in the history of mankind.
– To the athlete – it shows the necessity of training, preparation, and endurance in all that is accomplished in life.

We could go on for pages with the applications and possibilities of the ways the Scriptures apply to all areas of life, business, or social position; yet, these illustrations give us a broad base to be able to see the uses and functions of the greatest multi-tool the world has ever been given.

Are we using the Scriptures as that great multi-tool, or are we trying to use the Bible like a broadsword, slashing away with abandon at anything that comes our way? Let us see the Bible for what it is and use it appropriately, approaching each person from the vantage point that will be most effective and useful to the saving of souls.

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