We Need More Tomboys

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It used to be that the term “tomboy” meant a girl who wanted to dress like boys and do things boys did. She didn’t want to be identified as a girl or treated like one. In today’s society the term has taken on a new meaning. Consider the following answer posted to the question of what a tomboy is, “A tomboy is a young girl, normally pre-teen and/or early teens, that likes to play like a boy, does not act like a guy, she’s just not ready to be a young woman and she usually finds the restraints placed on girls stiffling (sic)…”Tomboy” is a term that means a girl who doesn’t like dressing up and playing “girly” games like dolls and house, but likes to do things like climb trees and play sports and dress in pants.” Though this statement of definition may not be exact when it comes to each person’s definition of a tomboy, it forms a semblance of our thoughts.

In American society, the general rule is for girls to be brought up being shown from whence “beauty” comes. They are presented early on with adult-styled attire, toy makeup, fancy hair styles, and the like. All of this is done in the name of encouraging our girls to want to be pretty. The problem is that we have completely skewed the understanding of what beauty is to the point that it has become almost vulgar. Our little girls are paraded around in beauty pageants and costume contests and shown that those things are the standard of beauty; but God paints a very different picture.

Paul told Titus for young women to be taught to be discreet and chaste (Tit. 2:4-5). The word “discreet” comes from the Greek word sophron, meaning to be self-controlled and of a sound mind. The word “chaste” is translated from the word hagnos, meaning to be pure from carnality, modest. Paul told Titus that our girls needed to be taught self-control and purity of heart and body. Unfortunately our society has decided that our daughters need to be taught to be discreet (don’t get caught) and chased. In the entirety of Titus 2:4-5, there is not a single reference to the training of outward beautification for the young woman, but of the training of inward beauty.

Friends, we need more tomboys. Not in the sense that they dress like boys, or act like boys, but in the sense that they are not worried about all of the entrapments of society’s sense of beauty. Our girls don’t need makeup; they need to be brought up: brought up to understand service to God and love for his sense of beauty. Our girls don’t need fashion sense, they need righteous sense: a sense of direction and purpose that isn’t focused on turning a guy’s head, but in serving God and capturing the godly man’s heart.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not against a woman wearing makeup or modestly putting her best foot forward in the way she presents herself. But makeup is designed to cover flaws and accentuate beauty. It is meant to draw attention to certain features and draw it away from others. Those things should not be the focus of our girls. Our girls need to be guided to the realization that true beauty is found in the heart and actions. Many women can put on makeup, dress nicely, and be considered beautiful; but the moment they open their mouths, or reveal their bodies excessively with their lack of clothes, they show the distinct lack of beauty in the soul. No amount of makeup can cover a rotting carcass of crass language and ungodly actions.

If we teach our girls the beauty of the soul, the beauty that can be had in the hearts of all mankind if they will foster it, the physical attractiveness will take care of itself. Engendering a godly soul in our daughters is the greatest step up we can give in this life; because the godly soul won’t taint the body with drugs and alcohol. The godly soul’s warmth and kindness shows a brightness and beauty beyond anything this world’s cosmetics can produce. The godly soul will not sell those things that are the most valuable: honor, acceptability before God, and righteousness, for a few moments of pleasure or a few accolades of lust. Our girls are beautiful as they are, as God made them to be, let’s keep them that way.

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