Weekly Recap

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In case you missed the articles posted this week, here is a recap of our studies:

The Pride of Life – A study of the third of John’s categories of worldliness in 1 John 2:15-17. What is the pride of life and how is it exemplified?

Hezekiah’s Folly – An examination of King Hezekiah’s mistake in showing the Babylonians all the riches of Judah and the lessons his actions can teach us.

The Christian’s Evolution – A study of the true meaning of the word “evolution” and how every Christian must evolve if he or she is to be faithful to God.

Did You Sign a Contract? – A discussion emphasizing our understanding of the level of commitment involved when we agree to be obedient to God by acceptance of his offer of salvation.

If you haven’t already checked out these articles this week I hope you will read them, study them, consider them, and pass them on. God bless you as you seek to serve him.



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