Get Clarity on the Command – Admonition 261

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2 Samuel 2:1


2 Samuel 2:1-2 – It happened after this that David inquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go up to any of the cities of Judah? And the LORD said to him, Go up. David said, Where shall I go up? And He said, To Hebron. 2 So David went up thereā€¦ TRANSCRIPT: And now, Admonition, brought to you by the Collierville Church of Christ. In 2 Samuel 2, David inquires of Lord as to whether or not he should go up to Judah after Saul’s death, and the Lord tells him to go. But that’s not enough for David. David has been told to go, but David wants more clarity on where to go. So, he inquires of Lord, to what city should I go? And the Lord says to Hebron. Sometimes we need to look a little deeper, and sometimes we need to get clarification. When God has given us a command and we’re not completely sure how to fulfill it, let’s dig a little deeper and learn what God would have us to do exactly as he said. For more from the Collierville, Church of Christ, visit

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This episode is part of the daily devotional podcast: Admonition: Moving You Closer to God Every Day

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This devotional is a production of Collierville Christian Radio and the Collierville church of Christ.

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