A Spiritual Cup of Coffee

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There are millions of people in this country who begin every morning with a cup of coffee. Without it they feel as though something is missing in their morning routine and the day is left incomplete, or certainly more difficult.

From a spiritual perspective, the same should hold true for the Christian when it comes to our lives. Our study of the Scriptures, prayer lives, and time spent meditating on the things of God should be such an integrated part of our lives to the point that a day where any of those things does not occur is considered to be an incomplete day.

At one congregation with which I worked, Sunday morning services began with a 45-minute devotional of songs, prayers, and Scripture reading. My wife called it her cup of coffee on Sunday mornings to get her mind focused and ready for what the rest of the day would bring. I wish more congregations of the Lord’s church would consider what a powerful asset such a program could be to the attitude and mind-set of the Lord’s people beginning each Lord’s Day.

However, should such a “cup of coffee” be restrained to only the Lord’s Day? Certainly if time spent with the word of God and giving honor and praise to Him on the first day of the week is beneficial to the mentality of the Christian; doing the same thing on days two through seven should accomplish the same goal. Paul wrote on many occasions concerning the approach of the Christian to daily life (I The. 5:14-22; Phil. 4:4-13). In each instance, the central component to the proper attitude is time spent before God and His word.

Every Christian, whether they’ve been a member of the church for 30 years or 30 minutes, needs constant, daily time with God to keep them in the right mind-set and on the right track. The best time for that type of meditation is at the beginning of each day, before the trials, struggles, stress, and business of each day settles in the cross-hairs of our focus.

Let me challenge you to have a spiritual cup of coffee every day. Spend at least fifteen or twenty minutes each morning in study, prayer, and meditation. If it means getting up that amount of time earlier than usual, do it. Before long it will become a part of your daily routine and, like all other habits, you will feel like your day is incomplete without it. But, unlike most other habits, this one can positively affect every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. Try it. It just might make each day a little easier and bring each blessing into a little better focus.

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