Poem: For The Struggling Soul

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For The Struggling Soul

By: Adam B. Cozort

(A brief description: the first 3 verses each describe different types of struggling souls. I know there are others out there but these are the three I have come across the most. The 4th and 5th verses is the response of the caring and loving Christian toward such a struggling soul. My prayer is that whether you are struggling yourself, or know someone who is, this poem may be of use to you. – ABC)

I try my best to fight the good fight
To not ever swerve to the left or the right
But on every side there are demons of life,
Past choices I’ve made that still bring me strife.
I struggle sometimes to do what I should,
And others around me just won’t see the good.
I’m a struggling soul still wanting to thrive,
But I still need some help if I’m going to survive.

I know the lifestyle that I want to lead,
And I am devoted to live by that creed.
But I don’t have family, who has the same love,
They will not acknowledge my God up above.
I struggle at times to put a smile on my face,
Knowing those that I love won’t reach the same place
I’m a struggling soul with a family that’s wrong,
And I need Christian friends to help me along.

I’ve always been told I’m not good enough,
I’m not from the right place or have the right stuff.
I became a Christian because I love God,
But sometimes it feels like men think me a fraud.
I’m not the one with the best in this life
So I must not be the best to lead others to Christ.
I’m a struggling soul who wants to be fruitful,
So why are my brethren so uncaring and hurtful?

Dear brother or sister please know there are those
Who do not judge by your past, your family, or clothes.
I see in your soul a child God loves,
Who is greater to him than the ravens or doves.
Please know that in me there is one with great care
To know how you’re faring, not wanting despair.
Remember in Christ we are all family,
And for my family to hurt I do not wish to see.

I may not have ever been through your test
Or know how you feel as you try to do your best.
But though I may not be the one to advise,
The God that I serve is all-knowingly wise.
With his wisdom no one can ever go wrong,
For his is the sort that makes anyone strong.
My greatest desire is seeing your faith secure,
To strengthen your hand as you strive to be pure.

For who knows, the next soul to need help may be mine,
And in your strength, the courage I need to find.
“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

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